Q & A With A New NNDer

I wasn’t joking. We really did sucker someone else into trying to not buy clothes for a while. Let’s welcome Jaclyn who has sworn off (all?) shopping for 90 days – except she recently bought a powered toothbrush at the insistence of her dentist.
Also – please forgive the crowded look to this post – wordpress is refusing to recognize spaces.
Who are you?
An educational advocate by day, and an actress by night (or at least that’s what my Tinder says.) A native Texan and a Memphian for 7 years, who boasts an impressive 50+ pair shoe collection and has an extreme weakness for Goodwill finds and TJ Maxx bargains. I also own the most handsome cat in the tri-state area.
If you had to describe yourself as an accessory – what would it be?
An oversized vintage turquoise statement ring. or maybe a pair of leopard flats. or maybe a canary yellow cardigan with accent buttons. I JUST DON’T KNOW.
Why are you taking the no-shopping challenge? 
After doing some budget analysis because I was interested in buying a house, I was shocked at how much I spend monthly on retail. I had no idea how bad it was and I decided it was time to take control of it- in part also because I wanted to replenish my savings quickly after paying off my credit card debt (some of which I had since I was 18) and in part because it became apparent to me that I was shopping perhaps for the wrong reasons. I was looking to appease a void and it was only creating a larger one… so I decided to follow in the footsteps of my good friend Sara Kaye and cut it out for a few months. It is important to note that I geared myself up for this by getting some critical things I knew I would want/need and would not be able to resist. Once that was taken care of, I was ready to roll.
How long? What’s your goal?
I am currently doing a 90 day challenge (which will end on July 22)  but I may extend it longer and follow Sara Kaye to her home stretch which is Labor Day. My goal is to- 1. prove to myself that I can do it and reframe my idea of “want” vs. “need” and 2. get my savings close to where they were before I paid off my debt. I am reminded of my dad who always used to say, “Oh yes, that definitely sounds like a NEED item” when I would insist that I absolutely had to have my 5th pair of flare leg jeans that suspiciously looked like my other 4 pairs at home. It’s time to get some perspective.
You started a pinterest board to put things that you want to buy, I swore off online perusing, it seems like everyone has to find what works for them. How’s your pinterest board going? Do you find you are looking online more? Less?
The Pinterest board is going well. It actually appeases a side of me that likes to “hunt” for things and it also tricks me into believing that some day I will go back and actually retrieve these things. I look online about the same but any time I feel tempted to buy something, I pin it instead. Usually it is either that I see something on someone else that I like and I don’t want to forget it, or I see something online and I want to remember where it is to get it later (even though I probably won’t.) It definitely helps. It’s like window shopping online.
On NND we do outfit pics but also welcome “NND Deep Thoughts” – what kinds of posts can we expect from you? 
I’ve definitely been having some deep thoughts about my consumer habits and why I’ve developed them which I can share. I also am wearing cool combinations of things that I wouldn’t otherwise!
You are already over 10 days in, what’s it been like? What is easy?  Hard?
It’s been very easy so far. Easier than I thought it would be that’s for sure. I really just keep myself out of Target when I am bored and that is 90% of the battle.
What do you think is going to get you through 90 days?
I am feeling really gratified watching the amount of money I am saving. That is what is inspiring me onward.  That and Sunday brunches with Sara Kaye should pull me through!
Here is your chance to be inspirational – say something else to the masses about taking ridiculous internet challenges:
The internet is surprisingly a great support group and accountability measure. I intentionally posted my intent to do this challenge on my facebook to be held accountable, and unexpectedly several of my friends joined in too which added to my resolve. If you know you need to take on a hard challenge, just do it and use the internet as your wing-man.
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